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Monday 8/17 - Sunday 8/23

My apologies if you did not receive a Windy City Tot email on Sunday. I think I'm having some technical difficulties with Feed Burner. Grrrrr.....
If you missed the email, you can always log on to the WCT site for the weekly update:
I'm feeling really hot, pregnant, and uninspired today. Maybe our marathon day of family breakfast at CBA, toddler soccer, a long walk to the airshow, the children's zoo, and an early dinner of gluttonous burgers, fries, and shakes at The Counter on Saturday has contributed to my sluggishness today. Anyway, Windy City Tot readers have been saved from an entirely half-assed blog this week by a chance email I received this afternoon. Which brings me to the thought of the week...

Thought of the Week: Alas! Alack! Thanks for the Tips
It never fails to blow me away when I receive an email from someone who reads my blog. In the beginning I never thought anyone aside from friends and maybe some friends of friends would hit the WCT. But alas, I am completely flattered that I have some readers who were strangers before I started this site. So cool. Anyway, thanks for the emails with tips and suggestions. Keep 'em coming! Today, one of my favorite mommy bloggers sent me some awesome info about a show that is pretty much right next door to me that I have never investigated. Poor form on my part and just another thing I'll blame on my pregnancy. Here's a synopsis of Alas! Alack! Zorro is Back! from Momtrolfreak:
Saw a show last night that is AWESOME, though not specifically for kids. Quest Theatre does FREE FREE FREE shows that are usually musicals and usually involve puppets. We've taken our 3 year old to see Little Shop of Horrors, Into the Woods, and The History of America (funny) there. Right now they are doing "ALAS! ALACK! ZORRO IS BACK!" It is an old fashioned melodrama and a guy comes out at the beginning to tell you what to do. You buy a $1 bag of popcorn when you get there (or one to eat and one to throw) and he tells you when the bad guy comes out (complete with handlebar mustache), you yell BOOO!!!! and throw popcorn at him. For the ingenue you go "AWWWW!!!!" and for the hero you yell YAY!!! Anyway, totally awesome and kid-friendly, and we sat in the front row with our son and he was practically part of the show. He threw popcorn in the bad guy's face during a big scene and the bad guy said "that's some right arm you got there kid, i'm gonna sign you up for a baseball career!" and he was SO EXCITED. Anyway, it's free, the refreshments are cheap, you can get up and leave if you need to, and it's totally fun.
Click here for times and tickets. Show runs through 9/27 in Andersonville at 1609 W Gregory. Thanks for the tip Momtrolfreak. This show sounds like a ton of fun. The Little Man is obsessed with puppets - he's going to love this.
Need a dose of parenting humor this week? Hit:


Kick Croquet: Tick tock, tick tock. School starts soon and shortly thereafter cold weather will be upon us. So if you haven't yet checked out the newly redesigned outdoor Habitat Park at the Kohl Children's Museum, the time to do so is now. This week kids can learn to play the traditional game of croquet with a twist on the lawn at Habitat Park.
Where: Kohl Children's Museum • 2100 Patriot Blvd, Glenview
When: Mon-Fri 10:15a

Camp Hollywood Family Film Series at the Davis: Every Tuesday and Wednesday the Davis Theater in Lincoln Square is showing family films for $1 per person! This week the feature presentation is "Happy Feet". This is the final week of the Family Film Series.
Where: Davis Theater • 4614 N Lincoln Ave
When: Tues and Wed • Doors at 9:30a/Movie at 10a

Nature Story and Activity Hour: Head to Northerly Island for story time followed by a nature themed crafts activity sponsored by the park district. Come a little early or stay late to enjoy the nature paths, play areas, and views of the city skyline. Kids 6 and under. FREE.
Where: Northerly Island • 1400 S Lynn White Drive
When: Wednesday 10a-11a

Dancin' Sprouts at the Botanic Garden: Kids' band, The Amy Lowe Trio, will be performing two shows on Wednesday night at the Botanic Garden. Bring a picnic and your dancing shoes and make it a family outing. This event is free but you'll still have to pay the Botanic Garden's $20 parking fee.
When: Wednesday at 5:30p and 6:30p
Where: The Botanic Garden's Esplanade • 1000 Lake Cook Road, Glencoe

Northcenter Town Square Concert: I'll file this one under things I wish I had discovered earlier in the summer. This is the final Wednesday of Northcenter's concert series in the square between Damen and Lincoln just north of Irving Park (next to CVS). The show includes free toys and bubbles for the kiddies, a free barbecue, and free tunes. Bring a chair and your adult beverages of choice in a cooler for a great evening! This week L'Orchestre Super-Vitesse is performing West African dance music.
Where: 4100 N Damen, Chicago
When: Wednesday 7p

Kid Olympics: No doubt to promote the possibility of the 2016 Olympics in Chicago, the Park District is hosting an olympic event for kids on Northerly Island. Kids can compete in everything from jumping rope, to making art, to naming animal species, and more.
Where: Northerly Island • 1400 S Lynn White Drive
When: Friday 11a-3p

Day Out with Thomas: Hopefully you purchased tickets for this event back in May when Windy City Tot posted a reminder for the first week of ticket sales. If not, there are still some time slots available for a ride on the Thomas Train. And even if you don't ride the train, Thomas fans will still have plenty to do as there is a Sir Topham Hatt meet and greet, clowns, puppet and magic shows, live music, story time, crafts, etc. The Railway Museum is a bit of a haul, but if your kid is a Thomas fan, this is one of the highlights of the year. Tickets are $18 for all riders over the age of 2. Click the above link to purchase tickets.
Where: IRM is located in Union - west of Crystal Lake
When: Sat and Sun 9a-5p

WTTW Fun and Run: If your kids are fans of Grover, Elmo, Big Bird, Curious George, Clifford, Super Why, and many other characters you'll find on WTTW, get down to the Fun an Run on Sunday. This is an awesome kids' event featuring an 8a Ralph's World concert for WTTW members only (still time to sign up this week). Non-members can enjoy all kinds of crafts, inflatables, performances from the Old Town School of Folk Music, photo ops with all of the above characters, and a little exercise to boot. I'm going to use my pregnancy as an excuse to skip the run/walk this year and line up early for a photo with Elmo. I learned last year that the smart parents jumped in the Elmo line while the race was still going. The rookies like me, waited in a 45 minute line just for my Elmo obsessed 1 year old to start hysterically crying when the giant, red, 5 foot monster tried to come near him for a picture. Online registration is closed. You can register at the event on Sunday or at various locations throughout the city this week. Click the above link for registration info.
Where: Lincoln Park between North Ave and Fullerton
When: Sunday walk up registration starts at 7:30a • 5K run at 9a • 3K walk at 9:30a


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