Friday, November 20, 2009

Holiday Photo Card Contest - First Email Wins!!!

A few weeks ago I featured holiday photo cards and photo announcements by Mommies Ink on Windy City Tot.  Jen, the local designer/owner of Mommies Ink, has now offered to give a free photo card to one lucky WCT reader!  The first one to email me at: wins a free photo holiday card!  The winner will simply pick their favorite design (um, she has some new ones up that are AMAZINGLY CUTE), then send Jen the photo(s) to appear on your card, pick your font and wording, and she'll send you back an adorable photo card for you to send to everyone on your holiday card list.  Jen also told me about press printing, so that your photo card can be printed on card stock instead of on photo paper.  Check out mpix or A Printing Press for photo or press printing options or print on photo paper through Walgreens, Costco, Kodak, etc.  It is a totally simple, unique, and inexpensive way to impress everyone on your holiday card list!  
Good luck in the contest!

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